Who am I

EDIT (2014-05-01): This is the original text from the “About me” page of my blog, when I first published it in early 2009. I reckon that a lot “about me” has changed since then, but the text is vague enough that I don’t feel the need to change it. Also, the text of this page has acquired a “funny”, “historical” tone for me :)

This is the personal space of someone called João Paulo Pizani Flor on the internet. Professional and hobbyist computing scientist, academic and day-to-day researcher. Passionate about Science, Technology, Music, Computation, Physics, Law, Philosophy, Mathematics, Olympic Games, Outdoor activities… Surely it’s easier to say what I hate than what I like.

I hate jokes taken seriously and serious things dealt with as jokes. I’m gonna make this tought clear on the posts here. What can you expect of the things written here? Random thoughts.

If I write something here, it has nothing to do with what I currently am or think. It has to do with what I THOUGHT and WERE when I wrote what I wrote. You have been warned!