Updated screenrc: Even more perfect!

@ 2013-03-02 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

Almost one year ago I wrote a post about GNU Screen, a great terminal multiplexer which I enjoy very much… This post was about my screenrc config file, which had accumulated a lot of useful customizations I gathered from the net during years of daily usage.

Well, while the “core” of these customizations remains the same, some things changed in the last months: I organized and refactored the configuration even more, published it on GitHub with a very nice README file and also added some new functionalities…

Some of the keyboard shortcuts were improved, some were added, but the biggest additions are related to Screen’s multiuser mode: something which is very useful for remote pair-programming sessions. So, there you have it, take a look at the simple instructions and start using Screen in a much more efficient and comfortable way :)

PS: To be able to unleash all the power of all the customizations, you need to be running a reasonably recent version of Screen. Unfortunately, most Linux distros are unreasonable, and still ship very old versions of Screen… If you use some Debian-based distro, you can download the screen .deb package (from Debian Unstable). In the case you use Arch Linux, there is a recent Screen package on AUR.

EDIT (2014-05-01): GNU Screen version 4.1.2 was released, and Arch Linux includes it in its repositories.