Modular XPlatform Vim Config - With LASERS!

@ 2013-03-11 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

TL;DR: See the README file on the repository

Around June 2012 I wrote a post here describing my very own Vim config “distribution”, the result of several months of DAILY, intensive use (and tuning and refactoring) of this editor. This distribution is completely modular and self-contained. Besides, I tried to follow closely the principle of “graceful degradation”. But, what does that all mean?

So the good news is that since last summer this vim distribution improved a lot, and I consider it now stable and useful enough to be interesting to the general public of programmers using Vim for work and fun, as well as for beginners who want to see this awesome editor in its full glory…

So without further ado, it’s pointless to repeat here what is already being said in the README file, hosted on the GitHub repository of the project. Go there, follow the instructions, have some fun, see if you like it and send me some criticism/suggestions :)