Install Google Chrome easily on Ubuntu Linux

@ 2009-08-15 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

At the time when Google Chrome was released, I couldn’t wait to test it, mainly because of the faster Javascript engine. I imagined my e-mail, my calendar, everything running as fast as a bolt of lightning :)

But then Google made the stupid decision to release Chrome only for Windows, the OS that I’d never use in my day-to-day tasks, even if it was free…

So, all of a sudden, my friend JJ said the he had just installed Chrome in his eeePC running Ubuntu. It’s a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL version, but it works just fine… It will make a huge difference in your browsing speed, mainly if you have a netbook. Here are the steps to install it:

But before anything else: We are going to install Chromium. No, it’s not “Google Chrome”. That’s because Google has completely released the Chrome source code under an open license, and then the Chromium project was born. Apart from the name and the Google trademark, Chrome and Chromium are exactly the same.

Now to the stuff that matters: To install the Chromium browser in you Ubuntu machine, copy-paste the following commands into your favorite terminal:

Voilá! Now you can use you favorite browser in your favorite operating system :D

Optional: If you want to completely remove Firefox from your computer (which is not recommended), just issue the following command to remove all firefox-related packages:

sudo aptitude purge firefox3.0{,-{branding,gnome-support}}