Jamendo: good, free music and artists well-paid

@ 2009-07-23 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

Some time ago I bumped into the http://www.jamendo.com website. In Jamendo you download only FREE music (under the Creative Common licenses), and musicians around the globe can get their work known by millions without the need for greedy record companies, and even get some money if their work is really good.

This is exactly what I imagine as a sustainable model for music when I say I favor piracy :) But how Jamendo works? The artists are able to get revenue in two ways:

If you’re a Linux user, there’s even more good news: The popular players Amarok 2 (KDE) and Rhythmbox (GNOME) have native support for Jamendo. In Rhythmbox you can just select “Jamendo” in the left sidebar and listen the thousands of available albums (this was how I first met Jamendo).

Jamendo on Rhythmbox
Jamendo on Rhythmbox

Here is a recommendation for your ears: Pornophonique - 8-bit lagerfeuer :)