Good ol' IRC

@ 2009-07-16 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

Short post this one… Do you remember the good old times, when people used to chat with mIRC??? On the neighbourhood’s or city’s channel… or to play Duke Nukem 3D and Age of Empires? Well, I must guess this is a consequence of being a nerd, you miss your childhood without even being “completely” adult :)

At least now the glorious Internet Relay Chat is back for me. Thanks to the glorious server. There you can find the complete universe of free software projects, each with its own channel, and much more. You can always find me in #haskell, #ubuntu, #ubuntu-translators and, sure, in #petcomputacao :P

So, even if your old friends don’t join the school channell anymore, still there’s plenty to do in the pretty good land of IRC, mainly interacting with the free software community…

PS: The old times of Duke Nukem are also back… in High resolution!!! As would say Duke: “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum”.

UPDATE (2013-02-20): Now one of the channels where I feel “at home” is that of the Utrecht Haskell Compiler - #uhc @ freenode :)