Haskell: why should you learn and how to begin

@ 2009-05-03 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

I’m currently learning and liking more and more the Haskell programming language. In Haskell you can VERY easily reason about your code and it’s also very easy to break-up the problem you’re solving into smaller subproblems (what programmers always love). Haskell is also secure, has a comprehensive library collection and a big active user community all over the globe. My fondness of Haskell began, ironically, when I was forced to learn it, doing the course on Programming Paradigms in college. So in this post I try to show why you should learn Haskell, even if you’re not forced to…

Here are some reasons why Haskell should be your next language:

And for those who now want to learn Haskell, I’m giving some links for where to start. I’ve collected these materials during the last year. Enjoy!

Following this tutorial in 48 hours or more :) you’ll be able to write a complete interpreter for the Scheme programming language. Its perfectly targeted at those who have just finished the introductory tutorial I gave above.