Seminar presentation on Functional Programming and Haskell

@ 2009-06-04 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

Today I presented a seminar about “Functional programming and the Haskell programming language”. This presentation is part of the Seminários Individuais project at PET Computação - UFSC.

I have talked about what functional programming is and what are its greatest features. I have also shown the unique characteristics of Haskell that make it NOT just another programming language. The current state of the Haskell development toolchain and libraries was shown, and I also gave some directions about downloads, books and good tutorials for those interested in learning Haskell.

It’s always nice talking about something you like :) I already posted here in the blog another article with some reasons to learn Haskell. The slides from the presentation are available here: Seminar - Prog. Funcional e Haskell (in portuguese)