Last post on Brazil

@ 2011-08-09 by João Paulo Pizani Flor

Finally the time has come, and in a few hours I’ll be in the departures hall of São Paulo’s International Airport, going to Amsterdam! The check-in for all flights is already done, the seats are chosen, suitcase and backpack are ready, money, passport, acceptance letter, hostel bookings, everything in order…

I’m not sure of whether I said it already, but I intend to rent a bike to use during the 3 days I’ll be staying in Amsterdam, so here it goes a little videoclip showing the very special relation between the people of Amsterdam (the Amsterdammers) and their bikes: “Amsterdam houdt van Fietsen”.

From now on my posts will be written from the flat and low lands of Holland. I hope to have at least one great picture or video to show you every day. Please pray so that the weather gods be calm and don’t send much rain to the Netherlands… To finish the post, here are some pictures of the “final preparation” for the departure :)